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Exclusive: Locksley Hall in Belvedere Sells for $47.5M, Shatters All Records

August 26, 2015

Once the most expensive home for sale in California at $65 million, Locksley Hall in Belvedere sold today for $47.5 million, just $1.5 million shy of its latest asking price of $49 million. The sale breaks the record for the highest reported single-family home sale in San Francisco proper by $12 million, and the highest reported sale in Belvedere by around $22 million. The estate—a three-story, 9,235-square-foot abode with a poolhouse, rose garden and panic room—is located on the southern crest of Belvedere Island with jaw-dropping views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.locksleyhallledeimage 1The gigantic (by Bay Area standards) estate was built circa 1895 by San Francisco banker C.O. Perry, and was purchased in 1995 by mining mogul Robert Friedland and his wife, Darlene, for $5.5 million. The couple then sank approximately $30 million into the renovation and restoration of the historic landmark over the next nine years. Interior designer Suzanne Tucker took care of the interiors, while Stephen Suzman Design handled the landscaping. As Curbed reported late last year, "one bonus for prospective billionaires is the property tax situation: Because this is a historicspread, 440 Golden Gate falls under California's Mills Act, which reduces property taxes in exchange for preserving buildings." [caption id=attachment_1035 align=alignnone width=300]SONY DSC SONY DSC[/caption]locksleyhallledeimage 3locksleyhallledeimage 10locksleyhallledeimage 9locksleyhallledeimage 8locksleyhallledeimage 7locksleyhallledeimage 6locksleyhallledeimage 5locksleyhallledeimage 4locksleyhallledeimage 35locksleyhallledeimage 34locksleyhallledeimage 33locksleyhallledeimage 32locksleyhallledeimage 31locksleyhallledeimage 30locksleyhallledeimage 29locksleyhallledeimage 28locksleyhallledeimage 27locksleyhallledeimage 26locksleyhallledeimage 25locksleyhallledeimage 24locksleyhallledeimage 23locksleyhallledeimage 22locksleyhallledeimage 21locksleyhallledeimage 20locksleyhallledeimage 19locksleyhallledeimage 18locksleyhallledeimage 17locksleyhallledeimage 16locksleyhallledeimage 15locksleyhallledeimage 14locksleyhallledeimage 13locksleyhallledeimage 12locksleyhallledeimage 11