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San Francisco’s most expensive home sales in 2014

January 7, 2015

At $23.5 million, 2520 Pacific Ave. was the most expensive home sale of 2014. According to the Wall Street Journal, University of Phoenix founder John Murphy decided to list the 13,000-square-foot home (complete with a Prohibition-era secret bar) for $27 million back in November 2013. It sold March 31, 2014, one of only a handful of homes in the city to have sold for over $20 million in the last few years.


The University of Phoenix also figured into the second-highest sale of 2014. 3450 Washington St.—owned by John V. Sperling, son of another University of Phoenix founder—sold in February for $18 million. The Presidio Heights home was one of several in the neighborhood to score a top sale this year. In fact, in the 15 top transactions of this year, all but one took place in either Presidio Heights or neighboring Pacific Heights, despite reports that the northern neighborhoods are cooling off while southern neighborhoods like Noe Valley are heating up.

In fact, the only home outside of these northern enclaves to break the top-15 is 737 Buena Vista Heights, which sold for $10 million in October. Other unique sales include 2000 Washington St. Unit 3, which was the only co-op to make the list at $9.4 million, and 2735-2737 Baker St. which is the only 2-unit property to break the top 15 at $8.75 million.

2735-2737 Baker St. sold just before Thanksgiving, and of course, the year isn’t over yet, so another big-ticket home could sneak in a sale before the end of the year. (After all, the Willis Polk mansion at 2820 Pacific sold on December 27, 2007, and is one of the biggest S.F. sales in the last 10 years at $16 million.) It seems the high-high end of the market never rests, not even for the holidays.

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