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San Francisco’s Most Expensive Home Sells For $21.8 Million

October 21, 2016

The housing costs in the San Francisco Bay Area are totally off the charts. Let’s take you to the plush-beyond-imagination area of the city known as “Pacific Heights.” That’s where you’ll find this cozy little number, at 2250 Vallejo. This 1902-era home just sold for $21.8 million, according to Curbed. While that’s a shocking amount of money, it’s actually lower than it’s initial listing price of $28 million back in 2015, and the $25 million asking price it’d been dropped to last summer.vallejo-streetSeven bedrooms, seven baths. We are assuming seven maids are included in the deal, but that’s not confirmed. This 4+ story, single-family home has over 9,000 square feet. Maybe the new owners could get another family or three in there to defray the costs. In fact, this mansion was originally a single family home that was transformed into apartments for veterans and then converted back into a single family home within the past few years. James Francis Dunn designed the property in 1901, and architect Paul McClean gave it a makeover. The listing says the home has “unobstructed 180-degree views that encompass the Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, and the majestic waters of the San Francisco Bay.” This is the view from the, um, Spa Terrace. Nice infinity pool, too. While the exterior is largely the same as it was when it was built, but the interior is all new. If you don’t want to take the stairs—there’s always the elevator. And there’s plenty closet space for designer duds. All in all, a fine abode. Heck, you even get a backyard! But if you get tired of the great outdoors, we’ve got lots more rooms. Remember the realtor’s mantra: “Location, location, location!” Have all these photos properly whetted your appetite? SOURCE: http://www.simplemost.com/san-franciscos-expensive-home-sells-21-8-million/