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San Francisco then and now: a pictographic study of a not so changed city

November 12, 2014

Many long-time residents of today’s San Francisco comment on the changes in the city, citing new development, new culture, and new industry pushing SF toward a modern identity that is sometimes criticized, other times praised. But these photos, taken by photographer David Glass, show a scenes so familiar even to new residents of the city– because though some are decades old, when we compare them to Google Street views of the same places, we see the locations captured within them haven’t changed much at all. Interesting? Comforting? We think yes.


(The gallery above offers just a few of the then-and-now photos available on HotPads blog. See the rest by clicking here. To see more of Glass’ work, visit his Flickr page.)

Source: http://blog.sfgate.com/ontheblock/2014/11/03/san-francisco-then-and-now-a-pictographic-study-of-a-not-so-changed-city/#photo-546971